31 maggio 2008

On inspiration and readings

as I go along this journey I would like to keep a list of cooks and people in general that inspire me, you are welcome to add your own!!

Anthony Bourdain as my star, a real kick to get me into a kitchen
Elizabeth David as a pioneer on cookbook writing and her many books on mediterranean cooking as an always upto date encyclopedia
Alice Waters' desserts delight, with a special attention to seasons and freshness
Ken Hom, great insight on asian cooking
Nobu as for croosover fusioning it up
David Thompson on Thai food

And here I start a list of interesting books to lead and inform us

Michael Pollan "La botanica del desiderio"(Feltrinelli), "Il dilemma dell'onnivoro" (Adelphi), "In defence of food", http://www.michaelpollan.com
Anthony Bourdain "Kitchen confidential", "A cook's tour"
Massimo Montanari "Il cibo come cultura" (Laterza)
Elisabetta Valentini "Cucina stupefacente"(Castelvecchi)

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